Scanning and Conversion to Microsoft Word

Book scanning services for authors, publishers and individuals.

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For over 16 years we have worked with all types of books in all types of condition. We provide this service everyday.

Most of the time we do this for authors and publishers but many consumers have contacted us for this service as well.

scanning a book into wordWe scan paperback or hardcover books. Converting them to editable Microsoft Word documents is our specialty.

More importantly, we do this with a high degree of accuracy. Scanning books in order to obtain the most accurate text conversion is much more than pushing a button.

Our Procedure for scanning and converting to .DOC or .DOCX files

First we take the time to review the pages. We’ll run several tests using different scanner settings. Once we determine the best scan settings to use the real work begins. 

We scan the pages of your book to a batch file and go through each image applying manual page cleanup. A small dot or noise on a page can cause a conversion error or throw off formatting.

After page cleanup we isolate all text, images and photos. Then we are ready to run our OCR software. We use our own customized OCR software and draw from years of hands on experience.

This is exactly how we’re able to provide you with accurate scanning and conversions to Microsoft Word. 

Hundreds of authors, consumers and publishing companies have used our book scanning services with successful results. Let us know if you prefer a .doc or a .docx file.

Low cost, high quality scanning and conversion to Microsoft Word.


Our scanning and OCR Service (Optical Character Recognition) converts paper documents into editable text that you can use for publishing. All of our scanning conversions to Microsoft Word will have free flowing text. We can do any extra formatting per your specific requirements.

We remove all page numbers and running headers in preparation for rewrites, editing or eBook formatting.

Non-Destructive book scanning services are available for rare books that cannot be disassembled. Books will be returned to you in the exact same condition as received.

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Corrective Line Editing Services

After the process of scanning and conversion to Microsoft Word, we check / proof the file against your originals.

A qualified person will review each and every word, correcting any visible scanning conversion errors. 

This service will save you an incredible amount of time and headaches. I cannot stress enough how important this is for successful publishing. Our team has been trained to spot conversion errors. Choose our corrective line editing service and you will receive a 99.99% accurate Microsoft Word document in return.

Our custom designed OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology will give you accurate results along with excellent format retention. 

All files are compatible with online publishers. We do not charge extra to include photos, illustrations or tables. 

We can convert to all standard file formats including; Microsoft Word, Print On Demand, Adobe Acrobat PDF, and eBook formats including ePub and Mobi.

Normal turnaround times are 2 to 4 business days upon receipt of books for any standard sizes. If you need it faster, just ask.

We provide you with a secure download link or we can send a DVD if requested. Payment is due when your files are ready. We accept all credit cards and PayPal.


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Adobe Acrobat PDF Files

Just want a book scanned and converted to a Perfect Adobe Acrobat PDF file?

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We welcome all questions and are happy to discuss our process, pricing and services with you.