Scanning Medical Files

It’s time your office implements an electronic medical/healthcare record systems

There remains an overload of paper charts and patient records taking up file rooms and storage areas. Scanning medical records helps to ensure HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance and can allow hospitals, clinics and other medical practices to convert their file room into rooms for seeing more patients. Many know these benefits, so why aren’t all of these medical records scanned already?

Medical Charts

Some offices scanning these back file records themselves, but this is a big labor intensive project. Proper indexing and quality control is absolutely critical so these files can be found later and migrated into any medical system.
We focus on scanning and indexing so your staff can focus on patient care. The best practice for scanning medical records is to send them out to an experienced document imaging company. We are fast, cost-effective and will make sure your records are available to you throughout completion of the project.

Benefits of Scanning Medical Records

Have us scan your charts and you will always have the most comprehensive patient information available. You’ll free up your staff to offer care to more patients. Be in a better position to be HIPAA compliant, and eliminate file cabinets while creating more physical space.

Offices are converting files into digital format for many reasons, but one of the biggest advantages of scanning documents is the ease of backing them up.  If you have records that you have to maintain and update regularly, then going paperless helps you manage them very efficiently. We schedule your pick ups so you know exactly what day each month we will arrive to pick up charts.

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