Prices for Scanning Large Format Drawings

Need to have your architectural or engineering drawings scanned and converted to a digital format?

With our high quality large format scanners, delicate and fragile older drawings are scanned and converted to PDF and/or TIFF files.

For contractors, architects, surveyors, engineers and manufacturers we are able to produce a high quality images of your critical drawings. View on any device that supports Adobe Acrobat Reader.

All files can be printed to scale (size for size) or printed scaled down to letter size paper.

We can scan at resolutions from 200 dpi to 600 dpi in TIFF or PDF formats. Scanning includes straightening, cropping and de-speckling to produce the best image quality that is possible.

Large Format Scanning Prices – 200dpi – 600dpi

12×18 = Prices start at $0.44 each

17×22, 18×24 = Prices start at $0.56 each

22×34, 24×36 = Prices start at $0.72 each

30×42, 34×44 = Prices start at $0.92 each

36×48 = Prices start at $1.09 each

Indexing / File naming – $0.02 per keystroke

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