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Non-Destructive Book Scanning Service

We have over 16 years of experience scanning historical and fragile books while keeping books in their original condition.

All books rest in a “V” shaped book cradle during our non destructive book scanning process. We take extra time and care to provide you with high quality PDF files and return the books to you in the original condition as it is when you sent it. Our belief has always been quality over quantity while keeping pricing affordable for our customers.

Non-Destructive Book Scanning Prices

High Quality Non-Destructive Scanning

Pricing below for Bi-tonal (BW), Grayscale (GS) or scanning settings.

$0.30 Per Page – Scanning – 200 dpi

$0.34 Per Page – Scanning – 300 dpi

$0.40 Per Page – Scanning – 400 dpi

$0.44 Per Page – Scanning – 600 dpi

$0.04 Per Page – OCR Services – Searchable PDF

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Golden Images professional scanning services

Get a large number of books scanned or just one. 

We handle all size projects with the same high level of care. 

Our knowledge, experience and equipment will make sure your PDF files meets or exceeds your expectations.

Non-destructive book scanning projects for rare and fragile books.

Our non-destructive book scanning service is the best way to produce high quality digital files for books that must remain intact during the scanning process.

We take every precaution necessary to make sure fragile, rare, or archival books are scanned and returned to you with absolutely no damage to pages, covers or the spine.

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Don’t hesitate to ask us for no charge samples before we proceed into scanning production.

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