Document Scanning and Conversion Services

Golden Images LLC is a locally owned customer focused company that provides high quality document scanning and archiving services at low prices. You get everything for pennies a page.

We do not require a contract or minimum quantity. You are in control of the number of boxes you would like us to pick up and scan. We can return the originals to you or shred them after 60 days. No additional charge for shredding.

Digital file storage will increase your productive workflow and give you a return on investment. Don’t spend anymore time searching for files or paying for storage. 

You’ll never misplace or lose another file again.

We will work directly with you to deliver your project on time and to your specifications.

  • Office files and folders
  • Medical records
  • EOB files
  • Dental records
  • Account Receivables, Account Payable files
  • Book scanning services
  • Creating eBooks
  • Book scanning – eBook – POD – Microsoft Word
  • Yearbooks (Non destructive or destructive)
  • Architectural drawings
  • Engineering drawings
  • Digital scanning and PDF organization of back files / journals or bulletins
  • Archival solutions
  • Cloud storage available