Prices for Book Scanning and Converting to Microsoft Word

Accurate book scanning and conversion to free flowing text.

scanning to microsoft wordOur pricing is very competitive but our quality, attention to detail and customer service are the best…hands down.

Prices range from $0.22 per page to $0.47 per page depending on the complexity of the text.

After the project is completed payment can be made using a credit card, PayPal or check. 

Call 636.375.9999 or contact us through our form and we will send you a firm quote. Please be as detailed as possible.

Options available with Microsoft Word Conversions 

We do not use a canned, out of the box OCR software. Ours has been personally customized in order to obtain the most accurate conversion possible.

You’ll be amazed with the accuracy of our conversions. With our service you get a Microsoft Word document that has a high degree of accuracy.

We also furnish you a PDF check file that you can use to help  with the Corrective Line Editing if you elect to do this on your own.

There is no charge for removing the spine prior to scanning. Non-destructive book scanning is available for an additional charge.

OPTION: Removing all page numbers and running headers.

OPTION: Corrective Line Editing Service – Conversions to Microsoft Word will contain some errors due to a number of reasons, condition of page, the type of font used, there can be a number of reasons. In addition we are the only company out there that offers a corrective editing service. We check the converted Microsoft Word document against the originals, word by word and line by line, correcting any conversion errors. You are given with a Microsoft Word document that is basically ready to go to your next step. We take this challenge to the next level by providing qualified people who will inspect each word, correcting any conversion errors (Corrective Line Editing) so you are ready to move forward with a clean nearly perfect Microsoft Word document. It’s a high value service for minimal investment.

OPTION: Conversions to ePub or MOBI with an active table of contents. Basic eBook conversions are just $49.00 per title for books up to 300 pages. Add $20.00 for each 100 pages over 300.

Call 636.375.9999 or contact us through our form below.

Scanning Conversions to Searchable Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Scanning Books, Manuals, Journals etc.

Pricing varies for this service based on quantity, condition of originals and service required.

We offer pricing for both cut pages (we take care of that) or non-destructive book scanning.

Pricing depends on the volume of material and the service you require. Volume discounts are available. Please call 636.375.9999 or contact us through our form and we will send you a firm quote.

Scanning, conversion to PDF (BW (Bitonal) / GS (Grayscale) / C (Color) – 300, 400 or 600 dpi – BW (Bitonal)

OCR Services – Full searchable PDF files.

Our customers keep coming back because they know they’ll get top notch service and superior quality at a low price.