Providing a Safe Secure Backup of Files

Reap the benefits of file mobility and portability.

You already have the necessary software to read PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader has been and always will be a free tool.

PDF supports interactive functions such as hyperlinks, markup, file attachments, music, movies, and text notes. It can also integrate interactive forms which can perform importing and exporting of data as requested. We can create these interactive PDF files.

PDF support high levels of data encryption and security, and provides an easy and secure approach for data transmission and sharing, through commonly used tools such as email. Level of User Access can also be customized if required. No more fears on your important documents falling into the wrong hands. Also, there’s almost no chance of a PDF file getting infected with a virus or trojan, which makes it a safe and trusted way of sharing your work. Another huge benefit is that after scanning, we provide you with a digital back up that you will always have.

PDF allows file compression so that you get a smaller document, with no loss in quality, making it look just like your original document.

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