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We offer a service specifically for scanning large personal libraries.

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a nickel per page.

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Book scanning Looking for a great book scanning company? You just found it.
We keep pricing low and affordable for our customers and explain the entire process. You can always reach someone to talk to during regular business hours and we monitor our email requests 24/7.

  Our scanning and conversions are sharp, crisp and accurate in order to obtain the best results possible. Our conversions, the most common being to Microsoft Word, are extremely accurate and fully editable. We use our custom designed OCR software. After the conversions we can take care of any corrective editing or help you do it with time saving tips and suggestions.


Scanning and conversion to Microsoft Word.
Non-Destructive scanning is available.

(Searchable PDF check file included for free)

Prepping for eBooks

Strip out page numbers and running headers.

High resolution color scan of your cover, back or dust jacket.


Corrective Editing - Extremely accurate matching your original text.

Includes all items listed directly below – Customer will be responsible for final review before eBook conversion.

Manual review against original to correct scanning conversion errors.

Remove soft hyphens.

Maintain paragraph format of original book.

Maintain curvature of quotes, apostrophes and punctuation marks.

Include photos or illustrations.

Maintain bold, italic and regular text.


Optional Services - Conversion to basic ebook formats – ePub and MOBI for Kindle.

Conversion to basic ePub and MOBI files. (Includes all items listed directly below)

Formatting for ePub and MOBI eBook files.

Remove and/or apply page breaks necessary for eBook conversions.

Creating your ePub and MOBI with active table of contents.

We opened our doors in 2001 and set ourselves apart with our excellent quality while being highly competitive with pricing. We will meet or exceed your expectations on every level. Take a look at our testimonial page to see what some of our customers are saying.

For those special books that must remain intact we also offer non destructive scanning.

Learn more about our non destructive process here.


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